aesthetics of the building is completely preserved

The aesthetics of the building is completely preserved as there are no permanent and visible accessories structures. The building and the relevant architectural elements, are left completely free. A building's appearance is very important. That is why Fly Service Engineering has designed a building maintenance and cleaning system with virtually invisible anchor points and devices, a major advantage over conventional solutions which are highly conspicuous, even when not in use

Precision system design ensures effortless access to each and every part of a building's surface, including areas inaccessible to the technologies used to date; with this system not only are under corbels, back-sloped walls, overhangs, curved surfaces, tight spaces, etc. all easy to access, operators can even perform complex maintenance operations required for the site (replacing panels, panes, etc.). This way the building's appearance is really maintained during its whole lifetime

All devices designed by Fly Service Engineering are as small and invisible as possible; for example, the devices to be applied on the façade are small, folding, retractable units concealed in the joints. Shapes, forms, colours, materials are selected jointly with the project's Architect. The lifting, sliding and travelling systems are always temporary, custom designed to be assembled only when needed. The result is a fully custom-designed system



Bespoke parts