Fly Service Engineering

Company Profile

Year established



Mr. Giampaolo Apollonio


Mrs. Isabella Pallavicini, PhD

Scope of business

Engineering and supply of systems for structures, façade and roof maintenance with Rope Access


To make working at height safer, faster, more efficient and affordable, introducing the concept of "ethics" for a sustainable work system all over the world.

To be open to new technologies and make a continuous effort in innovation, research and dissemination of the advances in Rope Access applications.


Design of maintenance systems: from Feasibility to detailed drawings, defining overall strategy, system layout and single components.

Analysis of local environmental agents and pollutants surrounding the site (sea spray, dust, sand,chemicals etc); problems in terms of maintenance.

Analysis of building special elements (trees, materials, energy devices, etc) for more suitable &cost effective strategy of maintenance.

Design, production and certification of new devices: anchor points, accessory devices, lifting systems, manipulators.

Design, prototyping, testing, production of new technologies for work at height (inflatable beams, magnetic anchor point, manipulators for replacement etc) based on project requirement.

Assistance to installation of all the items designed for the project, instruction, prescriptions, on-site visits, inspections.

Assistance to façade producer for system of traceability on the entire production cycle

System certification: installation compliance to the standards and prescriptions.

Façade system Engineering

Handbook of maintenance (paper & electronic format): specific instructions on how to perform the maintenance on the building, through paper and/or digital documentation (sketches, animations etc.) Possibility of training local personnel on site on the specific progression.

Special solutions for contractors to solve installation complex issues.


A world-class unique expertise in Rope Access Engineering, resulting from 20 years of experience of the consociated company FLYSERVICE Group (the largest abseilers Company in Europe with over50 employees and over 1.300.000 hours of work experience in many fields of rope -access).

A reputation of exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding clients in terms of output quality and timing and running cost.

Technical and Production Partnership

Kong SpA (anchor points and climbing devices), Angeloni SpA (composites, adhesives), BF Engineering Srl (composites), 3M SpA (adhesives), TÜV (certifications) ecc.

Scientific Partnership

Milan Polytecnique, Sapienza University of Rome, DELFT University (Netherlands), Mediterranean Universities Union, Nottingham University


FLYService Directors run permanent courses on:
- façade maintenance,
- safety in works at height with special focus on rope access,
for the Polytechnic of Milan, and for the Engineers and Architects Association in Italy.

Main Clients of consulting services

Façade Producers:
- Permasteelisa SpA
- Yuanda Europe
- Teleya SpA
- Focchi SpA
- Intercom SpA
- Stahlbau Pichler Srl
- Kyotech
- Bluesteel
- Jangho
- and many others

- Zaha Hadid Architects
- Foster and Partners
- Calatrava LCC
- Studio Fuksas
- Studio Daniel Libeskind
- And many others

Builders, Real Estate Developers:
- Hines
- Astaldi SpA
- Impregilo SpA
- Multiplex
- Takenaka
- Battersea Power Station Development
- Melco
- Youlon
- And many others


Headcount: 14 - engineers, architects , rope access experts, sales managers
Consultants: 6

TEAM Expertise

Founder and partner: Civil Engineer, PhD, 15 years' experience in civil works, previous Professor in Civil Engineer at Sapienza University of Rome, expertise in rope access works. Member of Northern Italy Safety Board on Works at Height, co-founder of AIOLAF, Italian Rope Access Trade Association, Professor of several institutional courses of Safety in Works at Height (Polytechnic of Milan, Sapienza University of Rome, National Association of Engineers, National Association of Architects)
Founder and partner:Rope access r&d specialist with over 20 years' experience developing solutions for the most complex buildings and stuctures, with capacity to integrate edge but proven technologies such as composites, inflatable structures, magnetic devices etc
Project managers: Senior Engineers: Civil Engineers, with more than 10 years' experience in civil works
CAD Designers: Architect& Engineers, with 5 years' experience in 2D and 3D modelling, CAD & Rhino
FEM Specialists: Engineering group with 5 year experience in FEM modelling
Composites Specialist: with 10 years experienced in the field of composites modelling and production (previous experience in Ferrari and Lotus)
Rope Access Specialists: 20 years experienced - 3rd level abseilers, expert in the field of work at height safety and legislation concerning WaH. The chief of the team Member of Northern Italy Safety Board on Works at Height. Consultant of rope access tools manufacturers
Administrative and logistic managers



Selected References


Fly Service Engineering

Feasibility/Preliminary studies

South Beach, Singapore Arch. Norman Foster - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Foster and Partners

New Marina d'Arechi, Salerno, Italy Arch.Santiago Calatrava - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Studio Calatrava

New Congress Centre EUR - Rome Arch. Massimilano FUKSAS - Builder: CONDOTTE spa - Façade: Cordioli - Tosoni - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Condotte

Salewa headquarter , Bolzano Façade: Stahlbau Pichler Feasibility Study Commissioned by Sthalbau Pichler

Veneto City Venezia Arch. Mario Cucinella - Feasibility Study commissioned by Studio Cucinella

Ex-Michelin area, Trento - Arch. Renzo Piano - General Contractor: Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A. - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Colombo Costruzioni

New "Palazzo del Cinema", Venezia Arch: 5+1AA - Feasibility Study Commissioned by 5+1AA architects

New Qatar Museum, Doha Arch. Jean Nouvel Ateliers - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Impregilo SpA for tendering

Farrer Court, Singapore Arch. Zaha Hadid Architects - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

BAM Broad Art Museum, Michigan State University Arch. Zaha Hadid Architects - Feasibility Study for the maintenance of some internal areas - Commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

New Railway station Naples Arch. Zaha Hadid Architects -Feasibility Study Commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects on going the construction phase

New terminal station of the New Salerno Port, Italy Arch. Zaha Hadid Architects - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

New Marina of the New Port of Loano, Italy Façade: Zambonini S.p.A.

Kuliscioff Tower, Milan

University Campus Caserma Testafuochi Aosta Arch. Mario Cucinella

City Health ex Area Falk Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) Arch. Renzo Piano

New Council Building of Brescia Arch. Daniel Libeskind

SECC Arena Glasgow - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Foster&Partners

Kafd Metro Main Station, Riyadh - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

Socar Tower Baku - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Permasteelisa

NTV Moscow - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Permasteelisa

Gare De Mons Brussels - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Calatrava LCC

Battersea Phase 3 Foster - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Battersea

Battersea Phase 3 Gehry - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Battersea

Cleopatra Mall, Cairo Egypt

Residential Building Herzog de Meuron New York - Feasibility Study Commissioned by the architect.

Project Foster (Canopy Middle east) - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Foster&Partners

Crescent Tower - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Permasteelisa

Caspian Water Front - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Permasteelisa

Battersea Phase 2 - Feasibility Study Commissioned Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Axel Springer Berlin - Feasibility Study Commissioned by OMA

Crown Sydney - Feasibility Study Commissioned Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Zayed National Museum - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Permasteelisa

Sede BNL Roma - Feasibility Study Commissioned by Starching

Yulon development - Feasability study commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

Torre Zucchetti - feasibility study commissioned by MV Architects

Torre Unipol Milano - Fesability commissioned by MCA