Efficiency of the system

It has unlimited possibility of reaching any point of the building with no height limits, while for common techniques frequently some parts remain uncovered

It is possible to carry out easily and safely any maintenance operation (substitution of parts of the façade, broken glasses, panels, local repairs). This is not possible or is extremely difficult with the common techniques

It guarantees the continuity without tampering with a waterproof façade, we don't need seals, dedicated windows and so on

No specific internal spaces are requested, for the allocation of heavy and space-consuming structures

It is a cost saving system compared with the traditional ones, reducing the it guarantees much faster operations for both ordinary and extraordinary operations

There is the possibility of having a very high number of operators contemporarily working on the building reducing the time required

Fly Service Engineering produces systems that are much more cost-effective than the technologies used to date. The original building structure does not need dedicated reinforcement, and thus our integrated systems make simple, streamlined and essential maintenance possible. No heavy, cumbersome machinery requiring reinforcement of the structural frame or dedicated spaces. The strains exerted on the structure are minor and do not require oversizing. No energy-guzzling, complex machinery and continuous maintenance

The Fly Service Engineering systems improve the efficiency of work performed with operators supported by ropes (coverage of up to 640 m2 a day per operator in the cleanining ) and can be used to employ a nearly unlimited number of operators on the building at any given time. In comparison to conventional systems (BMUs), the Fly Service Engineering systems offer significant savings on initial installation costs and this is further compounded by energy savings because these systems do not use complex machinery.