Fly service Original opened 1994: today it is the largest operational enterprise in Europe with over 50 full time operators, 3 offices around Italy

In 2008 due to market requests from architectural firms FLYSERVICE Engineering was born. It is still first and only worldwide engineering firm fully dedicated to the strategy and design of rope-access maintenance for buildings and structures.

We're an independent team at your service, with true specialists in rope-access technique, delivering a system that is truly usable, simple, efficient and employable all over the world.

The team is also made of engineers and architects to make the system real, operational, integrated and certified, fully compliant to world-around standards.

We cooperate with universities and research institutes on specific issues, to research and develop innovative technologies and products, in order to streamline the system further.

We carefully select the best manufacturers of rope access devices and materials (composite fibres, chemicals and adhesives etc.) to make sure that the latest yet proven technology is used.

We also develope dedicated software to streamline and improve efficiency of building monitoring and maintenance.

We analyze with great care the local enviromental and pollution carachteristics to determine the most efficient maintenance plan according to owners' needs.

Last but not least we run independent tests with certifying bodies to ensure a safe and compliant system.