Ancoraggio Fly Duckling

Fly Duckling: A safe and versatile aluminum alloy anchor point. It represents the ideal solution for safety at work in many different contexts.

EN 795/A:2012

UNI 11578:2015

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Anchor point fly duckling

Protection device (PPE) against falls from height. Anchoring device for permanent installation.

Anchoring Device Technical features

Material: EN AW 7075-T6 Aluminum alloy

Mechanical characteristics: Rm=490N/mm²   Rp=390 N/mm² A=4%

Dimensions: Length 71mm Height: 42mm Width: 38mm

Weight: 75g


Personal Protective Equipment Type A (for two users)

Anchor point for permanent installation


The anchoring device complies with the following law standards:

  • EN 795/A:2012
  • UNI 11578:2015

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